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Home Goods: a Love Affair

Breaking from my usual categories that I'm trying to establish on here, I have a love affair I have to confess. Anyone who is close with me knows that I have a thing for finding a good deal at Marshall's, T.J Maxx, and Home Goods (they're all apart of the same company, how ironic). It's rewarding to know that I, in fact, did not overpay for home decor and other miscellaneous items. I mean, how can you beat finding dog toys for under five dollars? Or a side table for under fifty dollars? Or even designer queen size sheets for under forty dollars? The deals are there and finding them is my ~thing~

As I love T.J. Maxx, Home Goods and Marshall's alike, there's one that just stands out to me the most.

Home Goods.

Why Home Goods in particular? Let me just start by saying over 50% of my apartment is furnished by my Home Goods finds. Kitchenware, bath towels and everything in between, I saved and got super unique and adorable pieces for my home.

I mean, how can I not be excited when I find great deals? ESPECIALLY for the home. Saving money on things in the kitchen and bathroom left me enough money to splurge on my dream couch from West Elm (and I didn't even pay that much for that, got to love the outlets).

A new discovery I have recently found within the aisles of pure divinity that is Home Goods is that they sell healthy foods!

Wait, I know this sounds weird. Home Goods, a home decor store, sells food? At first, I thought the foods that would be sold there would be expiring in less than a month, or gone bad (I mean, it is a discount store, I have to assume the worst.) I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn't the case AT ALL! I found organic/gluten free/ vegan/ raw cacao powder for $4.99 that I've been searching for! I also found organic coconut flour that I always wanted to try for under $6! How can this be?? Organic foods for a fraction of the price you find in Whole Foods! They also have a huge selection of coconut oils, protein powders, and other healthy foods and snacks. Both items I purchased today are expiring in the year 2018! You don't understand my excitement probably but it's okay.

On my Instagram, I will most likely be posting my favorite finds from my favorite discount store.

(you can totally tell how thrilled I am from this picture, like I'm looking at these two pouches like it's the love of my life lolol )


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