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Medical Talk: Update/Rant About My Health

Since October, my health has been the definition of unstable. I was doing well, at my skinniest (which is great for someone who's been overweight most of their lives) and I thought I was almost in remission!! Naturally, my body decides to go against itself when I was seemingly doing well. In reality, I was not doing well at all apparently. The last Remicade infusion I got triggered a horrible allergic reaction which even after 2 months later, I am still feeling some of those side effects.

I love to remain positive about my complicated situation but sometimes it's okay to feel a little overwhelmed and this is my post about how overwhelmed I REALLY am.

- I gained around 25 pounds from the increase of steroid intake. This probably came at the worst time for it to happen, since I was 25 pounds lighter when I tried on a bridesmaid dress I have to wear next month! Plus, lots of my clothes are feeling tight and I'm getting very uncomfortable with myself. It's mostly in my stomach and it looks like I'm pregnant (lol).

- My appetite is back to eating 3x a day which is a good and bad thing. Good thing because like, I am eating like a normal person again. Bad thing because I'm gaining weight!

- Moonface. The worst thing ever and something after a year and a half of taking steroids that I never experienced until now OF COURSE. I look like I had my wisdom teeth pulled every day. No amount of contouring can fix it.

- Prednisone has so many horrible side effects and I just want to be off!!!!!!!!!



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