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PRODUCT REVIEW: 420 Buzzy Bath Bombs in Jasmine and Rose De Mai

If you are a bath bomb addict, then Mary Jane's Apothecary's 420 Buzzy Bath Bombs are for you! After waiting for the bath bomb to fizz and create a beautiful pink hue in the water, I slowly immersed myself into my bath tub and realized why this bath bomb was voted one of the top 10 luxurious cannabis infused products! My achy joints and muscles were soothed within minutes! After 20 minutes of soaking in the tub with this bath bomb, I was extremely relaxed. Definitely a good idea to use this before bed! I have been desperate for relief from this joint pain I've been having lately and this was definitely a great relief to get me to sleep easier. Cannabis infused products works wonders!

For all you people concerned about the products smelling like weed, I personally did not think this bath bomb smelled of typical cannabis/marijuana at all! I highly recommend this product to anyone suffering from joint pain or muscle pain throughout the body. Or if you want to relax!

To buy this awesome bath bomb, check out the link below:

In other news with Mary Jane's Apothecary...

I'm the first to announce that there will be a Black Friday Only Special on Mary Jane's Apothecary! Use the code "BF2016" to get 25% off all orders!!

Check on Mary Jane's Apothecary on Instagram!


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