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Top 5 Spoonie Travel Essentials

As many of you many know, I love to travel and always encourage everyone no matter what to explore the world beyond our beds, even if it's the town over (on good days, of course!) One of my most frequently asked questions is what is my go-to's when I travel, either nationally or internationally. Although it was really hard to narrow down to five items, I didn't want to bore you all with a literal huge list of what I bring with me everywhere I go!


here are my top five travel essentials for anyone who is chronically ill/ spoonie!

1. gomacro macrobar in protein purity

There is a reason why these bars are literally my number one essential when traveling! Sometimes, finding safe foods is not the easiest thing and well, you get hungry! I am obsessed with the protein purity flavor since the other ones are not 100% compatible with my diet (many nuts, like almonds, bother me at the moment)! One of these bars will definitely fill you up and satisfy you! You can find them at Whole Foods or online!

2. Feast Freely "Do Not Feed Me" Cards

Anyone with food sensitivities/ allergies, these cards are a must have! One of my biggest fears is explaining my allergies and someone blatantly not understanding the significance of it and I will end up sick for the rest of the day or night from contamination! (Yes, this has happened to me before, both internationally and domestically). Sometimes there are language barriers or lack of knowledge for food allergies and a simple card can help the waiter/staff of the restaurant understand exactly what you can and can't eat. This card has helped me avoid so many possible food cross contamination!

I can talk about how much the Buzzy Balm has helped me all day and night! This balm has really helped relieve pain from my joints and other topical pain that I feel throughout my body, thanks to drug induced lupus, Crohn's Disease, and chronic migraines. The 1OZ stick is the perfect travel size to put in your suitcase to get that relief anywhere you go! The Calming Lavender Kush is my favorite scent, personally, but all of the Buzzy Balms are great (believe me, I've tried them all basically!) Use my code CHIC10 to get 10% off orders!

If you are too lazy to put on makeup but still want like the "well, at least I tried" look, than this BB cream/ Foundation/ CC cream/ ??? is the product for you! The reason why I can't pinpoint exactly what this liquid gold is due to the fact that it has better coverage than BB cream yet not too heavy to be categorized as a foundation. It dries matte and it is extremely lightweight! I literally apply it with my fingers and it does the trick! Yes, its expensive, but it lasts you!

5.Flask Brands All- Natural Aromatherapy Lip Balm

I am in love with this lip balm and the fact that there is literally only 5 ingredients and all natural! My lips haven't been softer since I've used this product and I feel safe using it and knowing exactly what is in my lip balm, unlike other lip balms which have chemicals and other additives. Having lip balm on the go is much needed and having a great one is the best! Use my code CHIC10 for 10% off orders!


Hope this little list can inspire you to not only try these awesome products, but also travel and not be afraid to do it! (Promo codes for products are pictured below)


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