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PRODUCT REVIEW: MJ Apotho's 420 Buzzy Balm Pain Relief in Calming Lavender Kush

My first legit product review goes to the best pain relief I've gotten in a very long time. With having Crohn's Disease (or any chronic illnesses,) you have aches and pains. Since I've had the bad allergic reaction to Remicade, my whole body feels like its on fire (in the worst way lol.) Pain killers can only do so much and I was getting desperate for relief.

I came across Mary Jane's Apothecary on Instagram and read through all of the positive and rave reviews and got extremely curious. Could THCA & CBD really help with my pain? I ordered the 420 Buzzy Balm Pain Relief in Calming Lavender Kush. I'm a sucker for all things lavender and it sounded enticing. I got the 1OZ stick and... my life was changed. I rubbed this marijuana/lavender smelling balm on my aching skin and the topical pain went away after 5-10 minutes. I finally got some sort of relief. I almost cried from happiness. Needless to say, I ran out of the stick very quickly and splurged on the 4OZ tin.

The customer service is absolutely amazing. The woman behind this wonderful business is extremely friendly and informative, and answered all my questions without hesitation! Shipping and tracking information is instant and available on Facebook message! How convenient, right? I am overall over the moon happy about my experience with Mary Jane's Apothecary.

I recommend this to all my spoonies who have aches and pains all over their body that does not go away with pain killers and whatnot. It has really helped my quality of life these past few weeks. Sure, it smells a little bit like weed (if that bothers you, because it really doesn't bother me,) but it doesn't smell on your skin like you just smoked a joint (lol). If you have any questions about this product, you can always shoot me an email ( or direct message me on my Instagram (@chronically_chic).

I can't wait to try more of their products (reviews of other products will be coming in the near future!!)


Check out all of their products on their website:

Check out their Instagram: @maryjanesapothecary420


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