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How to Conquer a Foodie 101

Foodies. We all know them. We unfortunately are friends with many of these indviduals.

If you do not know what I'm talking about when I use the term "foodie," let me explain.

A foodie is a person who is completely immersed into eating, trying, and just being completely annoying about food. You will notice these people when they post Snapchats of food EVERYDAY that literally looks unappetizing, usually greasy and sugary. These people also posts Instagrams CONSTANTLY of food. To this day, I still don't understand. The only acceptable time to post food is when you are traveling, that's a basic rule.

But the worst thing about foodies is the stereotypical lack of understanding to a healthier diet. (I know I am stereotyping but these are the foodies that I and others that I know have dealt with) The words gluten free just makes them cringe. Trying to find a restaurant that everyone agrees with is near impossible. No donuts?? No ice cream?? The horror!!

Whether you have Chron's Disease or any other digestive disease, have allergies, or are wanting to try a healthier lifestyle, these are the people that just drive you insane. However, I have come up with a fool-proof plan to fend off these foodies and reclaim sanity for yourself while keeping your diet in check.



Okay, some foodies are just plain against going to restaurants that are gluten free dedicated because God-forbid they do not have fried chicken and waffles for brunch. You, however, have an advantage over the foodie. They love to try new places. Suggest a restaurant that has options for you while also having options for the canivorous foodie monsters. It will make everyone happy and hey, maybe you will even Snapchat a picture or two ;)


Honestly, eating is the last thing many, including myself, want to do with foodies. The best "in the middle" is getting coffee or tea with said foodie! A nice herbal tea is super soothing to the stomach and will calm you as you hear these individuals tell you about the best Cronut they had in NYC or how much McDonald's they ate last night.


I know this was a harsh jump from the first two suggestions, but what kind of friends are these people if they would rather grab Taco Bell or stuff their faces in cheeseburgers then actually care about how their friend feels? A permanent diet caused from a diease like Chron's Disease, Celiac's, or any other digestive autoimmune disease should be respected by your friends, regardless of how much they like food. They can put their unhealthy diet on pause and show compassion if they actually truely care about you. Food isn't everything, and many could say that you shouldn't reassess your friendship with someone based on a diet, but what is the point of a friend if they aren't supporting you? Something to think about, friends. You don't need that negativity in your life, and believe me, it makes you feel better.



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