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Recipe: Maria's Morning Masterpiece Protein Shake

Maria's Morning Masterpiece Protein Shake: The Recipe in detail...

Okay, so its no secret that it's super trendy right now to drink green protein shakes, either in a smoothie bowl or in a regular, normal way of drinking it in a cup.

It's also no secret if you know me personally that I am diciplined enough to drink a protein shake every morning. The real secret: I made up the best recipe for this shake that I drink everyday and I want you all to try it.

With a Chron's Disease flair up, its hard to digest gluten, dairy, soy, or nuts, (at least in my case), so my nutritionist and I (mostly me) concocted a protein smoothie shake that would give me not only protein that I'm lacking from not eating nuts, legumes, or meats, but also iron and potassium that's essential to someone with a strict diet. I drink this every morning and I am obsessed with it!


3 cups of rice milk, vanilla flavor (recommended by me)

1 scoop of brown rice protein powder

1/2 of a banana (2/3 if you REALLY like the taste of banana)

2 tablespoons of organic Grade A maple syrup

1 cup of steamed baby spinach (not raw)

Materials Needed:

Blender (I use this and I love it)

Steamer (optional)

Steps: 1. Put the 1 cup of raw baby spinach in either a steamer or if you dont have one here's an easier way to steam the baby spinach.

2. While you are waiting about 2-5 minutes depending on which method you steam the baby spanich, pour the 3 cups of rice milk into the blender.

3. Pour 1 scoop of brown rice protein in the blender.

4. Peel open a banana and put half of it inside the blender.

5. The steamed baby spinach will most likely be ready by now. Carefully, put the baby spinach into the blender. Before putting the steamed baby spinach into the blender, make sure excess water will not go into the blender.

6. Pour 2 tablespoons of maple syrup into the blender. Don't be upset if too much maple syrup goes in, ther's no such thing as too much maple syrup.

7. The fun part, blending all the ingredients together. Depending how strong your blender is, blend at the highest speed in pulses for about a minute. I personally like my shake watery, but blend it for about 30 seconds for a more "smoothie" texture"

8. Pour the finished product into a cup, bowl, whatever, and enjoy Maria's Morning Masterpiece!

If you try it, please tell me how you like it, and when in doubt, put more maple syrup ;)!


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