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the beginning

Welcome all to Chronically-Chic! This has been something I have been planning to create for a very long time and I'm super excited to share it to the public!

Within this website/blog, I will unveil what many people have been wondering about my lifestyle, which will include what I eat, what I wear, how to live a healthy and positive lifestyle, and of course much more that I am too excited to even think about as I type away!

I suffer from chronic pain, which to clarify is daily chronic headaches and migranes and Chron's Disease and an avid lifestyle blogger-looker (??) myself I always thought to myself "well, most of these people have perfect lifes with unlimited money and I'm jealous."

My blog is different in the sense that I am straight up about my imperfections and I want to help people like myself and other who want to live a more healthier lifestyle, to have a place they can come to and feel safe and welcomed.

Before I keep typing more, enjoy!

(and if you want to learn about me click ABOUT in the menu tab)


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