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Remicade Woes

After 10 months on Remicade and after all that time that I thought the medicine was working for me, my body has decided to build antibodies against it.

What does that mean exactly?

Well, basically, my immune system in order to "protect my body" has build antibodies against the biologic that is Remicade. I am having Lupus-like symptoms from it which includes severe joint pain, stiff muscles, and lots and lots of pain. I'm not one to complain about pain, but damn, this is painful. I'll be having these symptoms for the next 4 weeks, until the Remicade is out of my system. Four weeks of not being able to move without pain and unable to be a functioning person in society. I'm not too thrilled.

On the bright side...

That means I'll have more time to blog!! Isn't that wonderful?? I'll have time to devote to getting to know more of my followers and finally blog about topics I've been meaning to get around to!


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