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V EXCITING NEWS: I got a puppy!


I got a toy Pomeranian puppy! Her name is Meli and as of today (10/23/16) she is almost 4 months old! She is 3.2 pounds of pure sass and cuteness. You can say I am obsessed (and you would be right.) Growing up with big dogs all my life, I always felt like there was a void in my life not having a small dog. I love the idea of being able to carry my dog with me wherever I go. To me, its like she is my true companion, by my side wherever, whenever. I think especially with my fragile mental state (lol like anyone else dealing with multiple chronic illnesses,) the idea of stability and unconditional love is therapeutic. When you think about it, dogs (or cats or whatever animal you prefer) does not judge you and does not have preexisting ideas/ connotations about who you are. Meli has been a positive addition to not only my life, but my family's life as well. I mean, how can you hate a cute little dog who is making someone happy? Emotional support from an animal is truly real and overlooked by some. I guess you can say Meli is my emotional support dog, but I honestly don't know the rules/regulations about making that official. (I'll be writing a post when I do find out.)

SHE HAS AN INSTAGRAM: @melithepomeranian

check her out!

She looks bothered, its because she is lolol she is over me trying to take selfies with her.


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