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On my Instagram, a few people have asked me questions and tips about Remicade.

For actual information about the medicine, click here.

I have been getting Remicade since December 2015, and I've been doing 6 week intervals, so with that brings experience with getting the infusion.

Here are my top tips of getting remicade:

1. Bring a blanket! For some reason, I always get extremely cold when I am getting the infusion, and the blankets my doctor's office gives is the thin little sheets that never keep me warm! I bring a soft and fuzzy blanket to keep me warm, and if i get too hot, I use it as a pillow/back support!

2. Remember what hand/arm works for you! Write it down if needed, it will make the process so much quicker and painless!

3. Bring a phone charger, book, or any other entertainment device to keep you occupied! Sitting in a room for 3 hours can get pretty boring without some form of entertainment. Sometimes I bring headphones and watch a movie or tv show! It passes the time!

4. Bring a family member or friend (if possible!) I always bring my mom along and she keeps me entertained when I just can't look at my iPhone anymore.

5. Don't beat yourself up if you're exhausted and need to take a day or two to sleep/relax. My first infusion caused me to sleep for days! I always do my infusions on Friday's so I have the weekend to recuperate!

6. Stay hydrated!! Super important!

7. In my infusion center, they numb the infusion spot before they put in the needle (since I am a baby and cry about IVs) Ask for that if you're like me and hate to feel the needle inside your hand/arm!

8. and lastly, stay positive, it will not be a magical cure after one infusion, give it some time!

If you have any specific questions, please message me :)


See, you can be ~cool~ and get Remicade


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