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HOTEL REVIEW: Hotel Plaza Athénée New York

(shameless bathroom selfie but the marble in the bathroom is beautiful)

(sorry for the messy bed/room but how gorgeous)



Let's talk hotel talk! With traveling, I have stayed at a variety of hotels and Air BnB's around the world, and I will be showcasing my favorite hotel stays. Nothing like a personalized review/recommendation!

Hotel Plaza Athénée New York, located near Central Park, was just a marvelous stay. It was lavish and extravagant, with the perfect blend of the old with the new. The marble accents everywhere, especially in the bathroom was to die for! The staff was extremely friendly and attentive. The bed was extremely comfortable and I didn't even want to leave bed the following morning. The room itself was much larger than the average hotel room or probably bigger than the average apartment in New York City.

The only con is the price. Five star hotels in New York are pricier than the average and this particular hotel runs much higher than normal NYC five star hotel. Not a budget friendly environment. Honestly, that was the only major con and I'm usually extremely picky when it comes to hotels.

Like my biggest pet peeve is when a bed is uncomfortable. I pay all this $$$ and when I lay down I don't want to feel like I'm sleeping on pure concrete and rocks as pillows. The bed at the Hotel Plaza Athénée was just marvelous. I felt like I was sleeping on a fluffy cloud (or maybe it was because I drove for hours and then walked even more after that. Or maybe it was just that great.) I think when I'm comfortable in the bed provided by the hotel I'm staying at, that just makes my experience that much better.

I also loved how it wasn't on such a busy street (like Park AVE, 5TH AVE, etc.) and down a more narrow street, almost hidden. It felt more homey rather than fast paced annoyance.

If you're ready to splurge an average $500 a night, then I highly recommend the Hotel Plaza Athénée.


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