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SHOUT OUT: Lilli and Loo

This picture was taken anticipation of the most delicious food.

Gluten Free Spring Rolls with "Duck Sauce" Dipping Sauce

Gluten Free Orange Chicken


Lilli and Loo deserves a shout out for sure out of all of the restaurants I've tried for my diet. With a dedicated gluten free menu that has just as much of variety as the regular menu, I actually had TOO MANY OPTIONS! This never happens, I usually have one option, if that, at restaurants and at Lilli and Loo I can actually try something new each time I go there! The spring roll is actually delicious and what I've been craving for the longest time. The dipping sauce, which reminded me of a Duck Sauce, was just the perfect amount of sweet. The orange chicken was very tasty and flavorful! I highly recommend the dish! I actually highly recommend everything here.


SHOUT OUT will be a section of my blog that I will "shout out" my favorite foods, restaurants, hotels, clothes, etc. (Trying to make Chronically-Chic more interesting, you know?)


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