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I woke up like this...

I woke up like this and I was not flawless.

Hey, at least I admit it.

With chronic pain, sometimes getting out of bed is just too difficult. Sometimes staying in bed and not changing from pajamas is the only way to feel a little bit better. I used to think staying in bed was almost like admitting defeat, like I couldn't handle the burden of being chronically ill. I stopped this toxic thinking about my chronic illnesses and instead embraced staying in bed as giving my body a break. Everyone needs a break. I view my bed as a safe place, a place where the pain and aches are put to rest. A place where responsibilities are put aside and healing is the priority.

Whether its because you have a migraine or having stabbing pains in your stomach, resting in bed is sometimes the best thing to do when you're in pain. Partaking in daily activities when you're not feeling your best is already hard enough, and when the pain is amplified, there is no reason to perform at a declined rate for the sake of seeming okay. Chronic illnesses are hard on the body, and rest is the simplest medicine one can ever consume.


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